InSealing is a leader manufacturer in Metallized Ceramics, proudly offers a wide range of high-quality Partially Metalized Bodies Coils for electrical inductors, supporting the miniaturization of modern electronic devices. InSealing develops and manufacturs ceramic inductor cores with the highest precision and reliability with many shapes such as one-shaped, U-shaped, and H-shaped and so on, metalizations material inlcudes W, Ni, Au and the ceramci coil bodies is alumina ceramics.

Partially Metalized Bodies Coils Features:

  • Miniaturized Designs
  • High Precision Tolerances
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Excellent soldering behavior and bond strength

Metalized Bodies Coils Types:

Partially Metalized Coil Bodies for Electrical Coils
Full Copper-Plated Ceramic Bodies for Laser-Trimmed Inductors

For more information or to request custom metalizations, please contact our sales team.