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ceramic to metal sealing

Ceramic to Metal Sealing

Ceramic-to-metal sealing are manufactured to provide high mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. Our brazed assemblies are hermetic and able to maintain ultra-high leverls of vacuum and joint integrity even at elevated temperatures and in harsh environments.

Material used in Ceramic-to Metal Sealing.

  • Alumina Material -95% Alumina, 99% Alumina
  • Sapphire
  • Beryllium Oxide
  • Aluminium Nitride

Brazing Material

Metal: 4J29 Kovar, OFHC Copper, Stainless Steel etcs.

Typical Applications:

  • Feedthroughs for active medical implants
  • Electrosurgical instrumentation
  • Implantable packages and feedthroughs
  • Composite honeycomb panels
  • Mass spectrometry

1.Gas detectors

2.Microscopes (TEM, SEM)

3.Particle accelerators

4.Nuclear detectors

5.High voltage feedthrough for X-ray equipment, scanners and imaging applications for medical

6.Sensors, satellite propulsion and engine management for aerospace,

7.Optoelectronics and power tubes

8.Gas lasers

9.Deep sea repeaters

10.Rechargeable batteries for energy storage

11.RF feedthroughs

12.Electrical feedthroughs

13.Pinch off tubes for lasers

For more information on our range of ceramic to metal assemblies and how they can be used. Pls contact with us.