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Ceramic Rapid Prototyping

The InSealing rapid prototyping service is unique in offering CNC machined ceramic products. We can fabricate parts from your designs quickly using our fast prototyping ceramics. We can help you prototype methods to fulfill specialized , small-quantity requirements.

Ceramic Metallization

We use thick and thin film technologies in our metallized process, applying proprietary inks and coatings to our ceramics according to individual customer requirements. Whether customers require an electronic circuit path or joining a metal component with ceramic,. We will help you to select the most effective and cost-efficient materials and bonding methods.

Ceramic to Metal Sealing

Ceramic-to-metal sealing are manufactured to provide high mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. Our brazed assemblies are hermetic and able to maintain ultra-high leverls of vacuum and joint integrity even at elevated temperatures and in harsh environments.


Glass-to-Metal Sealing

Glass-to-metal seals are engineered to perform reliably in harsh operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, pressure or chemicals. They can also fulfill requirements for longevity, performance, and efficiency improvements, as well as innovative designs. At their core, the purpose of glass-to-metal seals is to enable reliable connection and protection for the manufacture of high quality and long-lasting hermetically sealed components or equipment. Versatility is a key characteristic of glass-to-metal sealing technology. This is demonstrated by the multitude of functions, designs, and sizes of Glss-to-metal seals components in a broad range of applications.

Brazing Solutions

Compared to soldering, brazing is the joining of metal and ceramic components using a molten filler metal that melts above 850ºF (450ºC). Filler metals include Al-Si, Cu-Ag, Cu-Mn, Cu-P, Cu, Ag, Au, and Ni-Cr-Si and Ni-Cr-Si-B as well as other less used metal fillers, that will wet and adhere to metals and, in special cases, to ceramics. When brazing to ceramics, active elements such as Ti, Hf, Zr and V have been added to filler metals. The addition of these reactive elements permits them to react with the ceramic surfaces during brazing, but only in a vacuum atmosphere.

CNC Machining Solutions

Get instant quotes on custom metal and ceramic parts with our Online CNC Machining Service. Make quick turn prototypes and production parts in days according to your drawings.

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What Are Our Customers Saying ?

Every customer is valuable to us. Here are the reviews of some of our customers who chose us.

We have purchased about 8 different custom parts from INSEALING. You have always provided a high quality product that met our specifications and expectations. It is a pleasure to work with such an excellent company.

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Jane Doe

We have had very good results with your feedthroughs. They work better than the same parts that were made by our old vendor in Japan.

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The new delivery is just passed the Quality check. We are surprised that these parts are very good in terms of dimensions.

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