InSealing Power Feedthroughs transmit varying amounts of voltage, and current, from an external power supply to inside the vacuum chamber which powers the customer application. Our products provide a wide variety of conductor sizes and alumina ceramic designs to satisfy the electrical system requirements.


General Specifications:

Working Voltage Up to 100KV
Current Rating Up to 1000A
Vacuum Rating Better than 1×10-9 mbar litre sec-1
Operating Temperature -270°C to 450°C
Flange Mouting KF, CF, LF
Number of Conductors Up to 100
Conductor Material Kovar, Stainless Steel, Copper, Nickel, Molybdemum etc.


As its reliable sealing performance and good high-voltage insulation performance, it is widely used in ultra-high vacuum and high vacuum systems, and is used to connect the vacuum system with the outside world to transmit voltage, electrical signals, temperature signals, measurement signals, etc.