• 95-99% Al2O3 (white or pink)
  • Thread Stub-Monel, Steel, Inconel or Nickel
  • Tube-Nickel
  • Cap-Nickel
  • Weld Sheath – Nickel
  • More optionals for Sleeve Adaptors suitable
  • for wedding (stainless steel or alternative
  • materials), pls contact with us.


  • Provide vacuum-tight insulated feed thru termination for heating elements or power cables
  • Protect heating element from attack by oils, grease moisture, and toxic fumes


  • Rugged End Seal Construction withstands normal torch assembly and retains hermeticity in spite of extreme operating temperatures, vibration, shock, and corrosive atmospheres
  • Assembled to heater by torch or induction brazing. the most common braze material for customer
  • Shipments from stock or quick deliveries from production (in house components)

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Heaters
  • Terminating Power Cables
  • Isolating Other High Heat or Power Sources