The power feedthrough with CF type vacuum flanged fitting. It is a electrical feedthrough and conveys high-voltage, high-amperage power into high-vacuum environments for operating heating coils in sputtering, coating and other demanding material evaporation applications or experiments.

General Specifications:

Working Voltage Up to 100KV
Current Rating Up to 1000A
Vacuum Rating Better than 1×10-9 mbar litre sec-1
Operating Temperature -270°C to 450°C
Flange Mouting CF


Feedthroughs (or vacuum feedthroughs) come in many forms to transfer electrical currents, signals, fluids, gases or mechanical movements from outside the vacuum (air side) to the inside (vacuum side) of a vacuum chamber to equipment within the chamber. The entry point for the feedthrough must be vacuum-sealed via a suitable through hole. The feedthrough can be weldable (weld-on) or connected with a CF, KF or ISO vacuum flange to the vacuum chamber.


CF Conflat flanges are normally for processes requiring ultra high vacuum pressures, down to 10-12 Torr, and are vacuum sealed via nuts and bolts with copper gaskets. They come in sizes from 1.33 in. (mini conflat), 2.75, 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13.25, 14 and 16.5. inch O.D. Outer Diameter.


KF or Quick Flange are for high vacuum pressures down to 10-9 Torr and are vacuum sealed via clamps and elastomer O-Rings. They come in KF10, KF16, KF25, KF40 and KF50 sizes.


ISO or Large Flange are for high vacuum pressures down to 10-6 Torr and are vacuum sealed via nuts and bolts (for flanges with bolt holes) or with claw clamps (for flanges with smooth faces and no bolt holes). They use Elastomer O-Rings for vacuum seals. They come in sizes from 63mm, 80, 100, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, and 630mm sizes. All flanges are made of corrosive resistant stainless steel.