Metalized ceramic tubes

Metallized ceramic tubes are a type of composite material made by combining ceramic materials with metal coatings or metallization. They take advantage of both the insulating properties of ceramics and the electrical conductivity of metals.
Metallized ceramic tubes are typically made by a process called thermal spraying, in which a molten metal is applied to the surface of a ceramic substrate. The metal can be applied in a variety of ways, including plasma spraying, flame spraying, and HVOF (high-velocity oxy-fuel) spraying.
The properties of metallized ceramic tubes can be tailored by varying the type of ceramic and metal used, as well as the thickness and porosity of the metal coating. For example, a tube made with alumina ceramic and a nickel coating will be highly wear-resistant and electrically conductive, while a tube made with zirconia ceramic and a gold coating will be highly heat-resistant and biocompatible.